Creative Circle Event - Food Culture Alliance

Creative Circle Event - Food Culture Alliance

Calling all writers, artists, producers and advertising strategists: Join the Food Culture Alliance for an exclusive online event where creativity knows no bounds!

As a creative professional, this is a unique opportunity to hear from and collaborate with industry leaders from Ogilvy, Shujaaz, Food for Climate League and MTV Staying Alive Foundation,  who are experts in using narratives to create powerful social impact.

Then, it will be your turn to contribute to the creative conversation with these industry leaders. In teams, you will brainstorm and craft new narratives promoting that resonate across various domains spanning family life, education, media, religion, sports and fashion.

Whether you're a writer, artist, producer or advertising strategist, or if you consider yourself a professional creative, this event is for you! 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with your industry fellows to share ideas, and gain valuable insights.. 

This event is free of charge, but registration is required to save one of our 30 spaces.

Don't let location stop you -- this event is virtual and open globally.


Fireside chat with industry experts Lorya Roblin (Ogilvy Paris) and Nya Muchemi (Shujaaz Inc.)
Interactive workshop with fellow creatives led by Kelly Killian (Food for Climate League), Benoit De Fleurian (Ogilvy Paris), Richard Chang-Warburton (MTV Staying Alive Foundation) and Stella Njogo (Shujaaz Inc.)
Sharing ideas and debrief 
Conclusion and close 


This event provides creative professionals the opportunity to learn from and network with leaders in their industries. 


Lorya Roblin 

Lorya Roblin is a Partner and Global Strategy Director at Ogilvy Consulting in Paris. Lorya has a track record of working for the largest advertising agencies (WPP), governments, multilateral organisations (WFP) and foundations (Nike/ Girl Effect). With 15 years of experience spanning the UK, Asia-Pacific and Africa, she is an expert in building youth movements in fragile countries and designing Social & Behaviour Change (SBC) programs across diverse thematics such as gender equality, HIV/AIDS, national security and malnutrition.

Nya Muchemi 

Nya leads Shujaaz’s programme team overseeing the successful fulfilment of all our programmes and projects and managing our important partnerships. Nya began her career working with the biggest TV platform in the UK, and is today well known in Kenya as the creator and host of the AfriWetu podcast which explores and celebrates pre-colonial African culture and stories. A highly experienced senior executive, and a passionate advocate for the power of storytelling to drive change, Nya is ensuring Shujaaz realises its strategic goal of being the go-to youth brand for young people in Kenya & Tanzania and a global leader in media for social change.  


Kelly Killian 

Kelly Killian is a senior editorial strategist leading print and digital content for B2B and B2C brands. Kelly serves as the Strategic Communications Lead for Food for Climate League, an organisation working to create narratives and implement strategies that position climate-smart foods as accessible, enticing and culturally relevant to the masses

Benoit De Fleurian 

Benoit de Fleurian is the Head of Consulting and Social and Behaviour Change at Ogilvy Paris. He has over 35 years of experience in marketing, advertising, behavioural science and management. Benoit has contributed to 2 Cannes Grand Prix (Perrier in 1990, IBM in 2013) and more than 40 Lions in his career.  For the past 10 years, Benoit has been bringing his strategic expertise and creative flair to the world of Social and Behaviour Change, leading major projects for clients like Nestlé, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Food Programme in South America, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa

Richard Chang-Warburton

As Creative Director at MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Richard works as Executive Producer and Creative lead bringing together teams and individuals from all over the world and mobilising them to deliver innovative, impactful work.  As a person of mixed Chinese English heritage and the parent of a non-binary child, he is committed to championing more marginalised voices and is the innovating force behind the multi-Award-winning MTV Shuga campaigns and MTV Nishedh in India

Stella Njogo

Stella is a strategic communications expert and Digital Engagement Consultant currently serving as the Strategic Communications Coordinator at Shujaaz Inc in Kenya. Over her 9 year career she has created strategies and marketing campaigns for global companies including FMCGs, NGOs, financial firms, among others.


This is an online event lasting two hours. The whole event will be recorded, except for the interactive workshop. Each participant will be assigned to a group for the workshop section and a brief will be shared in advance of the event. 

Once you submit the registration form, the Food Culture Alliance team will confirm your participation in the event (subject to availability, based on a first-come-first-served basis).

Check out the FAQs section for additional information or email for further enquiries.


Our global food system has helped shape societal preferences that has resulted in widespread consumer demand for unhealthy and unsustainable foods.

This means that on our current path, achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development goals is a distant dream. To reverse that, we need radical, accelerated transformation in our consumption habits – and impactful, scalable solutions to accelerate change across the whole of society.

The Food Culture Alliance is a strategic alliance of organisations working together to champion food culture’s role in accelerating the transformation of society’s food consumption. Hosted as an organisation by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), we work together to improve knowledge, strengthen collaboration, and drive local and global action on food culture.

We champion food culture and leverage the toolbox of strategies it provides to shift preferences and increase society’s demand for nutritious and sustainable foods.

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