Adolescents – Agents of change for a well-nourished world

Adolescents – Agents of change for a well-nourished world

The diets of many of the world’s 1.8 billion adolescents are constrained by poverty and lack of access to nutritious food, putting the lives and health of this critical age group at risk. Action is urgently needed to address this challenge in new ways that draw more robustly on adolescent perspectives.

GAIN, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), will co-organize the two days event ‘Adolescents – Agents of change for a well-nourished world’, which plans to bring together country stakeholders, experts and resource persons from development partners and private sector actors working on adolescent nutrition and other adolescent issues.

Recent international meetings and technical discussions have begun to chart the way forward on adolescent nutrition. This meeting will build on the momentum of these previous events by looking in depth at how to take a multisectoral approach to the issue, with involvement from adolescents who need to be at the heart of the solution, working with representatives from all sectors who seek to address them.

Please note this event is on invitation only.




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