4th Global Conference of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme 

4th Global Conference of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme 

The Transformation We Need: emerging from global crisis by shaping sustainable, resilient, healthy and inclusive food systems 2023 

Why is it important? 

The conference has been positioned as one of the key fora in the run-up to the Food Systems Stocktaking Moment.  Organized by the OPN in collaboration with the FSS Hub, the outcomes will inform discussion on approaches, means of implementation, metrics and research agenda during the STM. GAIN has recently been approved as a member of the OPN and has been invited to participate in the OPN working group on Support the Implementation of National Pathways and is playing an active role throughout the Conference.  

Please use the link to join the sessions and keep updated on the programme schedule.

GAINs specific involvement includes: 

Moderation of Conference Session 2: Rethinking the Global Architecture for Food Systems

Monday 24th April 14.00 – 15.30 

GAIN's Jamie Morrison to moderate session which will discuss the need to mainstream food systems in the Rio Conventions and other relevant multilateral agreements, as well as further issues like the implications of the current trade regime, and the Stockholm+50 call to rethink the global economic model.

The objectives of the session are: (i) to provide an overview of global policy processes that shape food systems, (ii) through concrete examples, showcase how these processes can support the implementation of National Pathways for Food Systems Transformation, and identify possible bottlenecks; (iii) to discuss the need to mainstream food systems considerations in relevant multilateral processes to promote more coherent and sustainable food systems policies and governance at all levels, and how to ensure that this mainstreaming happens. 

Panellists include Ambassador Gabriel Ferrero, CFS Chairperson; David Cooper, Acting Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat; Caterina Rugheri Laderchi, Director, Food Systems Economic Commission; Juan Lucas Restrepo, DG, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, and Global Director of Partnerships and Advocacy at CGIAR;  Su McCluskey, Special Representative for Australian Agriculture; Christian Hofer, Director-General, Federal Office for Agriculture, Switzerland 

Co-convening (with WWF) of Side event "Food Systems Pathways: A Holistic Approach to Scale National Level Implementation on Food Systems"

Tuesday 25th April 14.00 – 15.30

The session will aim to present and share information about GAIN and WWF’s work to support countries with national food system transformation, also drawing on the background paper  

The event will be open to all conference participants (in contrast to the closed workshop outlined above) and as such will be used to "set the scene" for WWF and GAIN’s future work where we want to develop a joint programme to build on current work to support national food systems transformation. 


  • Joao Campari, Global Leader, Food Practice, WWF 
  • Jamie Morrison, Senior Advisor, Policy and External Relations, GAIN
  • Faiz Rasool, Senior Policy Advisor, GAIN Pakistan
  • Ply Pirom, Project Manager, Sustainable Consumption and Production, WWF Thailand
  • Nancy Aburto, Deputy Director, Food and Nutrition Division, FAO
  • Christine Campeau, Global Advocacy Director - Food Systems, CARE
  • Rebecca Shaw, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President, WWF 
  • Ma Estrella Penunia, Secretary General, Asian Farmers Association

Co-convening of a Side event on Cities and local governments accelerating cohesive and inclusive food systems transformation

Tuesday 25 April 16.00 – 17.30

Ann Trevenen-Jones (GAIN) co-facilitating. Corinna Hawkes (FAO) opening. Jamie Morrison (GAIN) closing remarks. 

This is a key stepping-stone towards supporting different levels of government to better coordinate and more inclusively consider urban food systems within food systems and nutrition (FSN) policies, strategies and implementation. The event is designed as a workshop with panel and group activities designed to further develop guidelines for FSN multi-level governance. Representatives from government and development organisations, including those who are members of the UNFSS Coalition on Urban Food Systems, will be present. City voices and urban food system considerations, from different contexts, will be showcased through case studies and quotes. 

Full concept note and run of show available here.

In-person event only. 

Co-convening (with WWF and OPN working group) of a Workshop on Advancing National Food System Transformation Pathways

Tuesday 25 April

The workshop will seek to inform shared guidelines and principles for the development of National Pathways and support to their implementation that can help to inform the work done by the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub and any supporting stakeholders  

Participation in Conference Session 6: Mobilizing the UN Food Systems Summit’s "Ecosystem Of Support"

Wednesday 26th April 14:00 - 15:30  

GAIN participating as panellists on invitation of the UNFSS Hub as representatives of two Coalitions (Urban Food Systems Coalition – Ann Trevenen-Jones; Social Protection Coalition – Anthony Wenndt) and as a national representative of Pakistan (Faiz).  The session, convened by the UNFSS Hub will focus on building bridges across coalitions to provide more effective support to countries.