Diva A. Dessai

Policy & Influencing Manager, GAIN Mozambique and Senior Policy Advisor, Food Systems Summit 2021

As GAIN’s Policy & Influencing Manager, I am responsible for leading the implementation of Mozambique’s Influencing Agenda 2021-2023, which includes to provide technical advising concerning policies and legislation related to nutrition; ensure that the interventions led by GAIN and by its different partners under its advocacy and influencing agenda are well coordinated so that overall project and policy milestones and goals are met; disseminate and advocate with stakeholders the knowledge and evidence from GAIN Mozambique programmes that can help drive the agenda for nutritious and safe food in country; create opportunities to spread relevant key messages arising from global and country programming through e.g. media, social media, and positioning events; develop strategies for the management of relationships with government and relevant stakeholders; support in furthering the mission and communicating the vision of GAIN Mozambique to relevant high level stakeholders and secure their formal partnerships in the implementation of GAIN’s innitiatives. This work aims the provision of contianual support to Mozambique Country office within the context integrated implementation of Global Influencing Agenda and Policy work, thus contributing for the strengthening  of  country’s policy efforts as well as the overall global work stream.

I do also exercise the role of Senior Policy Advisor for the UN-FSS Country Engagement. Under this  role and my specific expertise and professional background,  it was possible to contribute to GAIN’s success as the chairman for the UN-FSS Action Track.