GAIN's Nutrition Program

The goal of GAIN’s Nutrition Program is to develop and deliver high quality population-based and targeted programs that will contribute to GAIN’s target of reaching one billion people by 2015 with nutritious foods.  


Population-based programs deliver staple foods and condiments fortified with vitamins and minerals to large populations through market-based approaches. GAIN’s National Food Fortification Program and the GAIN-UNICEF Universal Salt Iodization Partnership Project are population-based programs.


Targeted programs deliver fortified food products including complementary foods and supplements to specific population groups including infants and young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, school children, people suffering from infectious diseases, remote rural populations, refugees or displaced peoples as well as those seriously affected by the economic crisis. The Infant and Young Child Nutrition Program and the Nutrition and Infectious Diseases Program are targeted programs. 


All GAIN programs are supported by the GAIN premix facility (GPF). GPF provides services related to the procurement and certification of premix, a commercially prepared blend of vitamins and minerals used to fortify staple foods, to food fortification projects around the world. The Integrated Program Strategy will aggregate different project delivery strategies in five highly populous countries and regions with widespread malnutrition to increase the combined impact and reach of GAIN’s investment in a sustainable way.



Watch examples of GAIN's work worldwide here.


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