Our mission

GAIN’s mission is to reduce malnutrition through sustainable strategies aimed at improving the health and nutrition of populations at risk

Devex and GAIN

Feeding Development through professional conversations


End malnutrition within a generation.

GAIN at the Aspen Ideas Festival Spotlight: Health.


From Cow to Consumer

How a focus on dairy can help tackle malnutrition in Ethiopia


Could climate change affect nutrition?

Global warming – and higher carbon dioxide levels – could rid staple foods of vital nutrients.


From Seed to Stomach

GAIN event in Rome breaks down the barriers between agriculture and nutrition

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Implementing Programs

New World Magazine Highlights Innovations in Eliminating Food Insecurity Supported by GAIN 

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Building Partnerships

Business Fights Poverty Nutrition Zone. Sharing business knowledge and experiences to improve nutrition.

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Measuring Performance

Annual report: reaching an estimated 811 million people across almost 40 countries.

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