Deadline for applications is September 7th, 2018!

If you are a company looking for a significant investment in your business, which aims to improve nutrition click on the tab above to see the selection criteria to join our Nutrition Dealroom at our investor forum!

The development of a robust private sector across Africa is now widely accepted as the catalyst for the social and economic transformation of the continent.

The opportunity to make smart investments in the food value chain makes commercial sense whilst helping contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goals 2 and 3 related to combating hunger and good health and wellbeing. This makes all the more sense with the rise of non-communicable diseases and a shift in people’s diets at different levels of the income scale.

Smart investment opportunities exist in Africa but are often overlooked or not considered from a lack of data and information.

We look forward to welcoming you in Nairobi, Kenya on October 16th and 17th for The Nutrition Africa Investor Forum (NAIF) 2018. NAIF 2018 will provide a platform for you to meet and engage with some of the most attractive high growth companies in the food value chain that are also making an impact in helping tackle issues around nutrition. These businesses are looking for investment capital and because of their nature may also be eligible for blended finance.

The Nutrition Dealroom aims to connect investors with established companies that possess a proven track record and high growth potential.

The Nutrition Dealroom is a transaction and dealmaking platform connecting Africa’s fastest-growing companies with financiers, mentors and ecosystem partners. The Dealroom aims to achieve tangible results by matching a curated portfolio of investment-ready companies to serious investment firms to provide finance, mentorship and market-entry solutions to scale up their businesses.

The objectives of the Nutrition Dealroom focus squarely on business expansion for these high growth companies. In addition to their positive impact on tackling challenges relating to nutrition and wellbeing these companies will also create jobs.


The investment selection criteria

Investment SizeExisting businesses requiring investments upwards of $500K
Beneficiary criteria- Minimum 3 years of operation.
- Strong business models with potential for future growth.
- Commitment to transparency.
- Demonstrable competitive advantages and ability to achieve a profitable liquidity in the medium term.
- Demonstrate positive social and economic impact through job creation, an inclusive business model and environmental awareness.
- Company registered in an African country.
Transactions Type- Grants
- Acquisitions
- Expansions
- Early stage equity (minority/majority)
Sectors in the Nutrition value chainAgriculture/Agribusiness:
- Supplies
- Farming
- Agro-Processing
- Storage
- Export
- Support services
- Food and Beverages

Transport and Logistics:
- Technology solutions/supply chain management
- Warehousing
- Packaging

Strategic Partner

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