Seeds of Prosperity

In October 2014, GAIN and Unilever signed a MOU to improve nutrition security in agricultural supply chains. This collaboration was extended and the IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative was included into a larger program called ‘Improved nutrition for tea farming families’. At that time, it was agreed that GAIN would present scalable projects. These projects would include scaling up the existing project in India (Tamil Nadu), establishing a program in Kenya and assessing the opportunities in Assam and North Bengal, India.

Furthermore, in April 2015, IDH and GAIN signed an agreement to start a fortification project in the tea sector of Malawi.


Our Insights
Smallholder farmers and workers contributing to global tea supply chains remain nutritionally vulnerable.

Our Aspiration
To develop a global nutrition program for tea supply chains that is cost-effective, adaptable, replicable, sustainable and scalable.

Our Objective
Improve the nutritional status of tea farmer families, both smallholders and estate workers, by improving dietary diversity, supplemental food sources and hand washing.

Our Innovation
Behavior change approach from Lifebuoy, using the existing tea supply chain infrastructure.

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