Training with media for social and behaviour change: desk review

To develop actionable steps towards interventions for food handlers, primarily in informal markets in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), this desk review analyses literature from the last decade (2010 – 2020) on training interventions that intentionally incorporated media-based social and behaviour change communications (SBCC) and how these can help inform the design and implementation of food vendor trainings on food safety. This desk review was undertaken both to describe how SBCC media have been applied to training, specifically involving lay people, community workers, leaders, and volunteers, and to provide recommendations for vendor food safety training that incorporates SBCC media. The results represent 19 unique interventions implemented in 12 countries by either training workers or community members on issues related to food safety; nutrition; and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

This review found many gaps in the literature, specifically in descriptions of training components and how SBCC was incorporated into the training. However, based on a qualitative thematic analysis, this review provides recommendations for planning, designing, delivering, and evaluating training programs that intentionally incorporate SBCC media. This includes, among others, applying community-based theory, using culturally sensitive planning, and documenting training and media components, all of which can be applied to EatSafe interventions targeting food vendors for improving food safety.

This review helps EatSafe identify good practices in designing education (or what is referred to here as training) interventions. Because education will likely be a key strategy in the EatSafe programme, such as the training of food vendors in informal markets, or in consumer education, it is important to identify the way in which media has been used not only to deliver critical content (i.e. inform), but also to motivate and engage audiences (i.e. entertain).



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