The World’s 68th Health Assembly: GAIN host key event

The 68th session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) is taking place this week (18 – 26 May) in Geneva attended by health ministers and delegates from all member states. GAIN will be hosting a key high level event: Food Fortification: A Global Health Tool to Help End Hidden Hunger on the occasion of the 68th World Health Assembly.

Putting food fortification on the agenda

Today, more than two billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiency or hidden hunger. The consequences can be disastrous, leading to intellectual impairment, poor health and even death.

There are multiple nutrition interventions that can tackle hidden hunger, including adding small amounts of vitamins and minerals to widely consumed staple foods like flour, salt and edible oil. Food fortification has been shown to be one of the safest and most cost-effective measures to increase micronutrient intake and improve people’s health on a huge scale.

This event will review the fortification of staple foods and condiments with vitamins and minerals as one of the most effective public health interventions we have. It will mark the launch of #futurefortified – a major global effort to reinvigorate interest, awareness and investment in food fortification.

Speakers include:

  • Marc Van Ameringen, Executive Director, GAIN
  • Mr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan ndc, Secretary, Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh
  • Francesco Branca, Director of Nutrition for Health & Development, WHO
  • Patrizia Fracassi, Senior Nutrition Analyst and Strategy Advisor, SUN Movement Secretariat
  • Josephine Ippe, Senior Advisor, Global Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, UNICEF

If you are attending this year’s World Health Assembly and would like to join this event, please get in touch with Beatrice Montesi for further information –

Marc Van Ameringen, and Lynnette Neufeld, Director of Monitoring, Learning, and Research here at GAIN are also sitting on the panel for an event entitled: New Partnerships: The Next Ten Years of Global Health hosted by The Centre for Global Health and Diplomacy joining representatives from the World Bank Group, Ministers of Health from Zimbabwe and Tanzania and USAID.

What’s next?

#FutureFortified is  the first Global Summit on Food Fortification. Read more and register your interest to attend this three day event between 9 – 11 September in Arusha, Tanzania.

Join the discussion follow us on @futurefortified or and tweet using the official campaign hashtag #Futurefortified.