The Power of Data for Nutrition

Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director

Recently I was invited to address an ASEAN country meeting organised by Mahidol University in Thailand on the topic of “Data Value Chains in Nutrition”.  I could not make the meeting in person but I offered to shoot a video on “The Power of Data for Nutrition”. The organisers, including Professor Emorn Udomkesmalee, kindly agreed.  

In the 12 minute video I focus on how data can wake people up, change minds, and make people see nutrition differently. In this era of so called “fake news” and “alternative facts”, the power of data has never been more important to spur and guide action and to hold those in power accountable. We need more of the right type of data and we cannot let lack of data be an excuse for inaction.  Here is the video—a bit home made, but hopefully making up in content for what it lacks in professional production qualities!

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Published 30 April 2019