The GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation has embarked on the mNutrition initiative in 14 countries with the aim of developing and scaling-up the delivery of nutrition messages through agriculture and health mobile phone platforms. GSMA has appointed a consortium comprising of CABI, BMJ, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Oxfam GB and GAIN.

GAIN’s role

On behalf of the consortium, GAIN is responsible for the implementation of activities in Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Mozambique. GSMA and GAIN work with a range of partners, including content providers, content adapters, governments, mobile operators, NGOs and private sector companies to help deliver nutrition related information using mobile phones. GAIN links the mNutrition services to existing programmes and on-the-ground services, for example, community health services, bringing together the mobile services with face-to-face advice and nutrition interventions.

Project Goals

The mNutrition Initiative expects to ultimately contribute to improvements in nutritional status of the target population (women and young children) through one or more of the following:

(1)  behavior change in feeding and dietary practices

(2)  referral to and demand creation for nutrition and health services

(3) registration of target population and timely and efficient data surveillance of key nutrition indicators

(4) promotion of nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices including cultivation and consumption of crops with higher nutritional value(s) and improved livestock management and consumption of animal-based products

(5) increased access to food as a result of improved agricultural production and income