Business Platform for Nutrition Research

Launched in mid-2013, the Business Platform for Nutrition Research seeks to substantially increase business investments in nutritious products and services by identifying and addressing evidence gaps that are relevant to the nutrition community, but that limit businesses willingness and/or ability to make such investments.


The Platform is built on the premise that identifying and addressing such gaps could foster nutrition as core to business and thus be mutually beneficial for the private and the public sector. The founding 10 companies include Ajinomoto, Arla Foods, BASF, Britannia, Royal DSM, GlaxoSmithKline, Mars Inc., Nutriset, PepsiCo, and Unilever. The Platform is co-funded by a generous contribution from the Government of Canada, through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

The Platform is managed by a small Secretariat led from GAINs Monitoring, Learning, and Research unit, with strategic input from an international Expert Advisory Group. The first two areas of research will focus on bioavailability and biomarkers, including the influence of infectious disease on both, and on behavior change communication. Areas under consideration for future development are food safety and implementation science.

GAIN’s Role

GAIN serves as the BPNR secretariat, bringing together leading global companies in partnership with leading academic institutions and public agencies to drive research in priority areas that will unlock new commercial investment in nutrition. From program conception and design to partner engagement and negotiation and research question formulation, GAIN continues to play an active role in facilitating this innovative new partnership.

BPNR’s Goals

  • To partner with leading businesses and governments in defining, funding and disseminating new public research, that will lead to increased commercial investment in and development of new products that can improve nutrition in the developing world.
  • To work with its members to define a set of research questions, financed by the public and private sectors, the first of which will be commissioned before the end of 2014.