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GAIN is turning 15 years old!

Give a birthday gift that can help us end malnutrition by 2030!

Around the world, billions of people live with vitamin and mineral deficiencies; this is referred to as hidden hunger. Food fortification – the practice of adding small and safe amounts of vitamins and minerals to staple foods and condiments – is among the world’s most cost-effective development interventions and is helping to improve diets for millions across the world.

Since their establishment, our food fortification programs have reached 800 million people in more than 30 countries around the world and our salt iodization program has worth GAIN the recommendation of standout charity by Givewell and The Life You Can Save.

Today, over 140 countries implement national salt iodization programs, 86 countries mandate at least one kind of cereal grain fortification and over 40 mandate the fortification of edible oils, margarine and ghee. Yet, we still have a long road ahead if we want to fulfil our mission to eradicate hidden hunger and we cannot do it alone.

Ahead of Thanksgiving Day, we have partnered with Classy to launch our new Giving Tuesday campaign aimed at ending malnutrition by 2030. Check out our campaign here.

Let’s Nourish the World. Together.

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Published 23 November 2017