mNutrition: new nutrition landscape analyses reports now out

GAIN publish NEW comprehensive nutrition Landscape Analyses for 14 Countries as part of the GSMA mNutrition Initiative:

The GSMA mNutrition Initiative seeks to reach at least 3 million people in 10 countries in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia) and 4 countries in South Asia (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar) through embedding content in mHealth and mAgri services.

GAIN, as part of the Global Content Consortium, is working to develop nutrition specific health messaging and nutrition sensitive agriculture messaging to be integrated into services identified by GSMA. As one of the first steps of the project, GAIN conducted comprehensive reviews of the nutrition situation in the 14 countries targeted by the project.

Each landscape report gives a comprehensive overview of all available information on the nutrition situation in the targeted countries, including relevant demographic information, current nutritional status, the causes (both immediate and underlying) and consequences of malnutrition, as well as an overview of the existing structures including relevant national legislative, regulatory and programmatic frameworks. This research serves as the basis for creating the Country Content Framework, which will guide the Local Content Partner in terms of key aspects to consider in the development of nutrition messaging.

The Landscape Analyses are in the process of undergoing validation in-country by all national stakeholders, ensuring their accuracy and comprehensiveness before beginning content development. One of the key aims of the project is not just to develop messaging, but ensure that the content is evidenced-based, accurate and tied into national priorities and programs.

In many of the targeted countries, a single consolidated resource covering all aspects of the national nutrition situation had not previously existed. The finalized documents will serve as a useful resource to all stakeholders, beyond its specific purpose of providing a good base for developing prioritized messaging for the project.

GAIN is pleased to publish the first four validated Landscape Analyses, which guide the development of mNutrition messaging in the first phase of mHealth services to be launched as part of the project: Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Malawi.

The Global Content Consortium is made up of of a number of partners including: CABI, Oxfam, BMJ and ILRI