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Each year about 150 million people eat food fortified with the help of GAIN’s premix facility – a food quality and safety solution – which is celebrating its seven year anniversary.

Since its launch in 2009, the GAIN premix facility (GPF) has provided access to around US$ 59m worth of premix – a powder containing a blend of vitamins and minerals – and straight micronutrients in more than 40 countries.

“Every year, it is estimated that the food fortified by the premix sourced through the GPF will be eaten by over 150 million people, who will benefit from certified quality premix at an affordable cost,” says Penjani Mkambula, Senior Manager of Food Safety Quality and Procurement at GAIN.

“To date, we have a pool of 20 certified premix blenders, six micronutrient powder suppliers and 22 certified micronutrient suppliers.”
In 2015, GAIN began moving the  GPF into the broader GAIN Platform for Quality and Safety which is co-funded by the Dutch government and the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, with smaller contributions from other donors.
The GPF will continue to operate as one of four key facilities within the platform, along with a credit facility, an audit and assessment facility focused on government and industry quality systems, and a capacity building facility focused on quality assurance and quality control and and regulatory monitoring.  Together these integrated facilities will improve the quality and delivery of national fortification programs.

Food fortification is one of GAIN’s focus areas with the GPF providing food producers with access to an easier, more cost effective way of procuring high quality premix. As well as cereals, popular fortified foods are flour, vegetable oil, biscuits, sugar, condiments, soy or fish sauce and salt.

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Published 25 July 2016

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