GAIN and partners visit projects in Ethiopia

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Concern Worldwide (CWW), organized a visit with key stakeholders in Ethiopia in December to share experiences and progress on the Integrated Home Fortification (IHF) and the Community Based Complementary Food (CBCF) projects in the country.

The team visited four selected woredas – districts of Ethiopia – implementing the IHF project: Gulo Mekeda and Sassie Tseada Amba; and in the Seharti Samre and Endamehoni woredas, which are also involved in the implementation of the CBCF project. Key stakeholders included national government’s officials from federal and regional levels, the Dutch Embassy in Ethiopia, and partners working in infant and young child nutrition.

The visit on 22 December was dedicated to the IHF project with visits to health centres and households; while on 23 December the team visited the CBCF project’s production site, women’s group shops and the retail shops. Mothers who had been buying complementary foods for a long time were also interviewed so that the participants could learn more about their reasons for choosing products and the community’s perception about them.

The team concluded the two days visit by thanking the implementing government sectors, GAIN, CWW and UNICEF team for their hard work and dedication.

Download the full report of the visit here

Published 7 January 2017

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