GAIN Celebrates 15 Years of Fighting Malnutrition Worldwide

Last year, GAIN turned 15 years old since its inception at the UN 2002 Special Session of the General Assembly on Children with the objective of eliminating malnutrition worldwide.

Over the last 15 years, GAIN and partners have helped improve the nutrition of almost 1 billion people in over 30 countries.

To celebrate these 15 years of fighting malnutrition together, GAIN organized a series of events in all of our 15 offices around the world, which took place from November 2017 to January 2018. The purpose of these events was to present on GAIN’s priorities in light of the new strategic direction that was adopted in September 2017 and bring together our partners and friends interested in improving nutrition at scale. Topics addressed ranged from adolescent nutrition, child stunting, making nutritious foods more affordable to low income consumers, improving nutrition in urban areas, and tackling post-harvest loss and waste. Across these different events, participants highlighted the need to focus on reforming global food systems to make them more nutrition sensitive and environmentally sustainable.

This anniversary celebration allowed us to discuss successes and lessons learned since 2002, as well as to explore the next steps to advance nutrition for all, especially the most vulnerable communities. We are grateful to all our stakeholders, including governments, UN agencies, research institutions, civil society, who took part in and contributed to these events.

Download the event summaries of each GAIN office to learn more!

Download the GAIN Geneva 15th Anniversary Summary: Working to Make Healthy & Sustainable Diets a Reality For All here

Download the GAIN Denmark 15th Anniversary Summary: Nourishing the SDGs here

Download the GAIN Netherlands 15th Anniversary Summary: Improving Food Systems for Healthier Diets Together here

Download the GAIN Washington DC 15th Anniversary Summary: How can we shape a more nutritious food system? here

Download the GAIN Bangladesh 15th Anniversary Summary: Adolescent Nutrition to Help Teenagers Shape the Future of Bangladesh here

Download the GAIN India 15th Anniversary Summary: Advancing India’s Nutrition Agenda, Together here

Download the GAIN Indonesia 15th Anniversary Summary: Stunting Determinants in Indonesia here

Download the GAIN Kenya 15th Anniversary Summary: The Role of Business in Nutrition to Emphasise The Importance Of Partnering With The Private Sector To Ensure A Food And Nutrition Secure Kenya here

Download the GAIN Mozambique 15th Anniversary Summary: Food Systems: The Challenges of Making Nutritious Food More Affordable here

Download the GAIN Nigeria 15th Anniversary Summary: How to Make Food Systems More Nutrition-Sensitive here

Download the GAIN Pakistan 15th Anniversary Summary: Shaping Food Systems for Improved Nutrition here

Download the GAIN Tanzania 15th Anniversary Summary: 15 Business Actions to Improve Nutrition in Tanzania And the Role of the SBN here

See all the GAIN 15th Anniversary Pictures here

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Published 7 March 2018