How food fortification can fight malnutrition

A Newsweek article examining the contribution of food fortification to tackling malnutrition, cites GAIN as an one of the leaders behind fortification efforts worldwide.

As the article states:

“More than one-quarter of the world’s population is anemic, with children most at risk. Vitamin A deficiencies, the leading cause of preventable blindness in children, afflict roughly 250 million preschool-age children. These illnesses and others like them crop up in both underdeveloped countries and industrialized ones—where food is either bountiful but monotonous, or, in the case of food deserts, absent.

That’s why groups like WHO and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition are trying to solve modern deficiencies of other micronutrients in the same way we solved the iodine problem nearly 100 years ago: through people’s food.”

Newsweek discusses the proven methods of salt iodisation in improving nutrition, which has minimized risks related to pregnancy, such as stillbirth and spontaneous abortion, and cognitive defects in a child’s early development years.

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