EuSalt Conference: Going beyond the salt shaker

EuSalt organized a conference open to the broad public in Brussels. The aim is to get stakeholders and EU decision-makers acquainted with the diversity of the salt industry, and step away from the traditional, yet narrow, perception of salt through the shaker. Salt is not just about food. It also involves with energy, biodiversity, circular economy, and safety.

Thus, the conference addressed two issues of importance to the Salt industry, as well as to many other stakeholders at national, EU, and international levels, from the point of view of innovation.

Session 1: Nutrition & Health Policy Post-2020
Session 2: Innovation for the Circular Economy

During the debate on “How can we encourage healthier lifestyles?” GAIN’s Arnold Timmer pointed out that awareness raising, behaviour change go hand in hand with a supportive policy environment and supply following suit. That is why “scaling” is key to successful actions (either through a mandatory approach or by making fortification universal). That requires to inform people, but also make sure that the healthy foods are available and accessible. We need to create the right demand. Aligning the objectives between the gatekeeper is a must (compromise is unavoidable), we need action at policy, demand creation/behaviour change and supply side at the same time, and a trusted and honest broker is key. To achieve large-scale impact, all actors of society (governments, the private sector, individuals) have a role to play through concerted actions with a ‘society focus’ and innovation.

Our efforts should go beyond encouragements.


Arnold Timmer

Director, Maternal and Infant and Young Child Nutrition, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)