RFP – Evaluation of project component for improving access and demand for eggs in the province of Nampula, Mozambique

GAIN is seeking an institution to conduct an evaluation of one of the Scaling Up Marketplace for Nutritious Foods (SMNF) component of the Catalysing Private Sector Participation in Scaling Up Nutrition in Mozambique (CPSP) project. The purpose of this evaluation is to measure how SMNF, which aims to increase access and demand of eggs, has modified perceived acceptance and egg consumption patterns. The aim is to evaluate the impact of demand generation activities on egg purchasing and consumption behavior with and without egg supply chain interventions to increase availability, and to elucidate the pathways through which this impact is achieved. Results of the evaluation will improve our understanding of how a demand generation approach which changes the desirability of a food, particularly an unpackaged food, can be applied to improve the consumption of a nutrient-dense food and ultimately, improve quality of diets in a setting like the northern provinces of Mozambique.

Applicants are invited to submit proposals by 29 April 2019 to rfp@gainhealth.org.

Note: Please find below an updated RfP. Please notice that the technical content, scope and requirements for submitting the proposal remain the same.

Please note that the deadline has been extended to May 6.

Download the RFP here.

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