Request for Proposals (RFP) – commercialization of agricultural public goods review

In 2018, GAIN and HarvestPlus announced a partnership to accelerate progress in improving access to essential vitamins and minerals for vulnerable people, through the commercialization of biofortified crops. GAIN and HarvestPlus share an ambition to expand coverage of biofortified nutrient dense foods for consumers across Africa and Asia. The focus will be on biofortified varieties of six highly promising crops, developed by HarvestPlus and its partners.

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is to carry out a conceptual review of commercialization strategies for Agricultural technologies. The successful applicant will be expected to identify and document examples of publicly developed technologies (primarily agricultural) that have been commercialized and which present key models and lessons that should be considered for the GAIN and HarvestPlus collaboration. The RFP outlines the scope of work and timeline for this important exercise. The deadline for submission of questions is 12th April and the final deadline for submissions is 21st April 2019. Please send any communications related to this RFP to Dan Haswell ( ) and Steve Orr (

Download the RFP