Mobilising Knowledge related to Public-Private actions in nutrition

Workstream five - Mobilising Knowledge related to Public-Private actions in nutrition - aims to generate, synthesise and disseminate evidence and knowledge around public private engagements (PPE) for improved nutrition. 

So far, we have delivered:

  • Several reviews of programmatic approaches that include public/private engagement to advance nutrition (e.g., Large-Scale Food Fortification, Commercial Models for Micronutrient Powders (MNPs). Others are in process: appealing to emotions to motivate nutrition-related behaviour change, supply chain actions and financial modelling.
  • Together for Nutrition: an executive course focusing on all aspects of public/private engagement for nutrition successfully launched with the first class graduating in July 2019. GAIN has also created an interactive portal for Together for Nutrition students and alumni to support ongoing relationship-building and knowledge exchange.
  • Nutrition Connect: a dynamic website dedicated to resources about Public Private Engagement has been active since 2019 and was externally reviewed and several improvements made based on results.

Furthermore, our focus is around three major strands of work: 

  1. External reviews: Independent assessments of GAIN programmes designed to capture and share methodological approaches, lessons learned and good practices. 
  2. Together for Nutrition (T4N): An executive short course made up of senior-level practitioners from the public and private sectors, which equips participants with the tools to make decisions to support better nutrition. 
  3. Nutrition Connect: A knowledge mobilisation platform that captures, curates and synthesises lessons learned from actors across the food system to demonstrate what works for public private engagement for nutrition. The aim is to stimulate dialogue and increase investment and action. 

Key message

We bring together high-quality research, evidence and lessons learned in an effort to foster understanding, action and investments in public/ private engagement for nutrition. 

Facts & Figures

  • Together for Nutrition Course: The inaugural short course welcomed 25 participants from 14 different countries, 11 from the private sector, 14 from the public sector.
  • Between its launch and August 2020, Nutrition Connect has had more than 100,000 visitors to the site. On average, new users spend more than two-and- half minutes per page, with return users spending nearly six minutes per page. Nutrition Connect also has more than 1,600 followers on Twitter, which has been an effective way to disseminate knowledge and engage with business and nutrition and development communities. 




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