Improving Business Accountability in Nutrition

Workstream six - Improving Business Accountability in Nutrition - aims to support better business accountability in nutrition by focusing on two areas:

  • Supporting the nutritional reporting of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Aligning the current business accountability landscape in nutrition.
  • The current nutrition accountability landscape does not assess SMEs. To provide a better understanding of their impact and help those SMEs to improve their nutrition-related impact, GAIN/SUN Business Network (SBN)/the Access to Nutrition Initiative are piloting a self-assessment tool, the Nutrition Business Monitor.
  • The current accountability landscape can be improved to provide a better and fairer understanding of business impact on nutrition. To support this objective, GAIN has published two reports, launched one survey, co-organised two workshops and conducted multiple interviews to review the current global accountability landscape in nutrition and to support better alignment of business impact in nutrition using existing reporting tools.

To help SMEs - the backbone of local food systems - do more to make nutritious foods more available, affordable, desirable and safe we are working with the Access to Nutrition Initiative and the SBN to develop the Nutrition Business Monitor. This will be launched in 2021 to serve as a feedback loop for SMEs to enable them to understand the effect they have on nutrition and guide them on how they can do more.

By providing a clearer picture of how business currently impacts nutrition, all stakeholders can set ambitious pragmatic goals for businesses. To achieve this objective, we are convening an Aligning Business Accountability Initiative. Following an in-depth analysis and extensive discussions with private and public stakeholders, we are providing information on existing accountability tools that can be used to align business reporting. The initiative takes into consideration the willingness of businesses to use these tools for their reporting. 

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We will provide a self-assessment tool for small and medium enterprises from low- and middle-income countries. The tool will assess their impact on key nutrition-related categories. We will also deliver a report summarizing the current accountability landscape in nutrition and include a selected number of existing accountability tools that businesses should use for their reporting/or that external stakeholders can use to assess business. The package will also offer an overview of the willingness of business and accountability mechanisms to use this set of accountability tools.




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