Building Demand for Nutritious Foods

Workstream one aims to develop and test new ideas and strategies to create and sustain the desire for nutritious diets and foods, and to influence consumer food choices at the point of purchase. Success will provide the basis for stimulating public and private co-investment to create demand for nutritious diets and foods.

Complementary projects that generate a deeper understanding within GAIN and the nutrition sector of what motivates consumers to improve the quality of their diets.

  1. Bangladesh - mobilise and motivate a specific target group - the adolescents - to care about and to take steps to improve the quality of their diets.
  2. Nigeria - test emotionally compelling communications to create the desire for a specific nutritious food - eggs - amongst parents of children under the age of five living in Kaduna state.
  3. Pakistan - work with the food authorities to examine how visual cues could be used to guide food choices in the traditional food markets common in developing countries.
  4. Kenya - articulate an integrated approach for creating desire for nutritious diets and foods at scale. We are now crafting a compelling narrative to secure political support for testing this approach in a few countries. 
  5. Build a Demand Generation Alliance to influence The United Nations Food Systems Summit in September 2021 and the Nutrition for Growth Summit in December 21 to strengthen investments in creating demand.

Facts & Figures

  • Motivated 860,000 Bangladeshi adolescents to take the pledge to buy nutritious snacks with their pocket money.
  • Reached 65% of target parents in Kaduna state with our egg campaign.

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Key message

Stimulate public and private co-investment in creating demand for nutritious diets and foods by demonstrating scalable and sustainable ways of doing this effectively.




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