Assessing impact in the public-private space to improve nutrition

Workstream four seeks to substantially improve the availability and rigor of evidence related to public-private engagement for nutrition by: a) commissioning the external evaluation of several GAIN-led programs; and b) through these evaluations and desk reviews, substantially improve the quality and visibility of metrics and methodologies available to evaluate interventions that include public-private engagement for nutrition.

  • Several large-scale impact evaluations commissioned through a competitive bidding process 
  • Upcoming convening will bring together evaluation partners to advance metrics for assessing the impact of public private engagement for nutrition, and methodologies that permit causal inferences

The potential role of business in driving improved nutrition through public-private engagement has been recognized for some time, yet the evidence of impact is at best, weak. While generating more and better-quality evidence is urgently needed, the potential for progress will be constrained until limitations related to appropriate metrics and evaluation methods can be addressed. Given the inherent complexity and diversity in approaches, considerable effort is needed to build consensus around the pathways to impact of business engagement, and in the metrics and methods that we use to access progress across these pathways. The main goal of this work stream is: a) facilitate the generation of rigorous evidence through the development and testing of improved methods and metrics to evaluate interventions that include public-private engagement, and b) to make a substantial contribution to the generation of such evidence. 

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Key message

As a result of WS4, more and better-quality evidence of the potential of public-private engagement for nutrition will be made available, and future evaluations will result in a better understanding of feasible metrics and methodological approaches. 




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