Food Forward – Achieving Climate Goals through Food System Transformation

Food Forward – Achieving Climate Goals through Food System Transformation

Climate goals cannot be achieved without a fundamental shift in how we produce, consume and waste our food. Transforming food systems presents a 'win-win' for policy-makers to meet the critical international commitments to reduce GHG emissions at the same time as addressing hunger and all forms of malnutrition, promoting health, improving resilience and advancing equitable livelihoods.

Food systems account for more than a third of all GHG emissions but their impact goes far beyond climate. Agriculture uses 70% of freshwater resources and is the primary  driver of 68% of biodiversity loss. At the same time, 811 million people in the world face hunger while more than 2 billion people are overweight or obese, and 3 billion people can not afford a healthy diet. Today’s food systems have also been linked to increased risk from food-borne and zoonotic diseases. 

Through an inclusive engagement process in preparation for the UN Food Systems Summit, several climate resilient solutions have been identified and developed. Hundreds of organisations, including many governments, are taking action to take forward these solutions. In this session we will explore the most impactful actions policymakers can take in:

  • Production (e.g.  Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture / Soil Health, True Value of Food)
  • Consumption (e.g. Healthy and Sustainable Diets, Food Loss and Waste)
  • Nutrition (e.g. Finding climate, hunger and nutrition win-wins, and tackling the trade-offs)
  • Resilience (e.g. Climate Resilient Development Pathways)
  • Equity and inclusion (e.g. Gender-inclusive food systems transformation, Indigenous Peoples Food Systems, workers / labour rights)

Governments, private sector companies, food producers,  consumer groups and civil society organisations alike must come together to advance an ambitious transformation of our food systems. To build on the momentum and continue to support the UN and its emerging follow up mechanism from the UN Food Systems Summit, GAIN, EAT, WWF, CARE, The Club of Rome and ICCCAD have come together to initiate  the ‘Food Forward’ consortium, a joint, inclusive effort to align efforts and accelerate action that will be co-designed over the coming months. 

Event Objectives: 

  • Demonstrate that food systems transformation is not only a prerequisite for meeting Climate Goals, but a 'win-win' for policy-makers to also address nature, hunger, health, resilience and livelihoods
  • Showcase and discuss the most impactful solutions for food systems transformation coming out of the UN Food Systems Summit
  • Present and discuss the early thinking behind the ‘Food Forward’ consortium and the opportunities it will offer to support government, private sector and civil society stakeholders




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