Eugenia Carrara

Secretary General, World Union of Wholesale Markets

Ms Carrara is an expert in food policies, food security and sustainable food systems. As the Secretary General of the World Union of Wholesale Markets since 2020, Ms.Carrara works hand in hand with major actors of the fresh food sector to accelerate the transition of the fresh food value chain towards sustainability and resilience.

She has served as Chief of Staff to the CEO of Rungis international wholesale Market ( Paris, France), led the preparatory work for the organisation of the International Forum of Gastronomy in France for the French Government, accompanied the Mayor of Paris as her advisor in charge of economic development and food policy and worked for Argentina ex-minister of Ecology.

Eugenia is graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS, France) in sociology and political sciences and from the Ecole National d'Administration ( ENA, France) in public administration.