ENABLE Platform

Our ENABLE Platform is a set of integrated services designed to establish, optimise and maintain food fortification and safety programs, mostly in low and middle income countries (LMIC) around the world.
ENABLE builds on the highly successful GAIN Premix Facility that has enabled local food companies in Africa and Asia to secure easy access to high quality, safe, and affordable vitamin and mineral premixes.
The ENABLE Platform integrates four facilities providing services at both global and national level: procurement, credit, audit and technical assistance and capacity building services. Its aim is to serve as a hub for food fortification quality and food safety improvement and strengthen national systems to improve access to safe and nutritious foods through:

  • developing and providing global guidance on good practice in food quality and safety
  • piloting and scaling up models for improved regulatory monitoring
  • supporting coordination and building partnerships in country between the essential national stakeholders as well as technical partners and
  • directly delivering services to stakeholders to improve quality and adherence to standards across the fortification sector and for national programs.

Our work through the ENABLE Platform is aligned with and supports the key outcomes on the Arusha 2015 global summit on food fortification including improvement in oversight and enforcement of food fortification standards and regulations.

Through ENABLE we support governments seeking to mandate fortification, advocate for the waiving of import duties and taxes on vitamin and mineral premixes for food fortification and encourage investment in regulatory systems. We offer technical support and professional training to build producers’ and regulators’ capacity for food testing and enforcing transparent quality standards, and introduction of quality systems and processes for food producers.


GAIN Premix Facility

The GAIN Premix Facility (GPF) is a centralised procurement hub with validated suppliers offering quality-assured vitamin and mineral premixes, analytical devices and fortification inputs.
With an established supplier base of 19 premix blenders, 15 micronutrient suppliers and 7 micronutrient powder producers, the GPF offers services to industries, international organizations such as the World Food Programme (WFP) and governments continue to turn to this audited suppliers list as the standard for quality premix.
Through its tender mechanism and long-term supply agreements with suppliers, reductions in cost of standard premixes over the years of up to 20% have been achieved.

Read our GPF factsheet

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Download GAIN’s Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Goods 2015 here

Download GAIN’s Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods 2015 here




ENABLE offers credit for procurement of quality inputs such as vitamin and mineral premixes for fortified foods. Tailored credit solutions and terms are available to clients to help them to access the GPF or meeting the upfront costs of purchasing fortification inputs.

Audit & Assessment

It is essential that audits and assessments of government food control agencies, private laboratories, food processors and premix suppliers are undertaken in order to target capacity building appropriately so that the quality of national food fortification and safety programs improves.  The Audit & Assessment Facility conducts audits across food industries; laboratories and food control agencies; vitamin and mineral premixes blenders, micronutrient manufacturers and micronutrient powder suppliers.

Capacity Building

Improved national systems for compliance to standards are essential for both impactful and sustainable food fortification and safety programs. Our capacity building services facilitate the establishment or strengthening of proven and replicable models for the delivery of quality fortification and food safety. For example, we support the development of standards and legislation, integration of management information systems for regulatory monitoring, the establishment of national premix supply systems; online food fortification training portals; designing and training on good food fortification practices and food safety processes including good manufacturing practices (GMP), hazard analysis of critical control points (HACCP) and good hygiene practices (GHP). We also work with countries to adapt global good practice in food quality and safety to local contexts as well as with partners to co-create innovations and solutions on challenges around food quality and safety.


For more information about the ENABLE platform, please contact:

Greg S. Garrett

Director, Large Scale Food Fortification


Penjani Mkambula

Senior Manager, Food safety, Quality and Procurement