Lessons Learned in Food Fortification in Africa: Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 18-19 September 2012

GAIN convened a workshop in Addis Ababa among key partners from 11 countries across Africa to share lessons learned, successes, challenges and next steps in reducing micronutrient malnutrition through large-scale food fortification.

Recipients of GAIN financing for large-scale food fortification projects in Africa are at various stages in developing national programs to expand availability, access to and consumption of fortified staple foods. Experiences from longstanding programs in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Uganda, and Egypt can provide useful lessons for programs in earlier stages including those in Senegal, Mozambique, Kenya, and Tanzania. GAIN provided a unique platform for these countries to share and discuss experiences in cross-cutting areas as developing regulation and standards, improving quality control of fortified foods, creating an enabling environment for industry, and ensuring sustainability. Ethiopia was an appropriate setting as a country in the early planning stages of fortification. The lessons shared at the workshop will contribute to the global food fortification learning curve in order to ultimately improve the delivery and impact of national food fortification programs.


Lessons learned and successes in the fight against malnutrition in Africa. Greg S. Garrett interviewed by Channel Africa Radio.


Highlights from the GAIN Food Fortification Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, September 2012


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