GAIN premix facility

GAIN premix facility – Increasing Access to Affordable and High Quality Premix

Premix is a commercially prepared blend of vitamins and minerals used to fortify staple foods. Government and industry partners face many challenges in procuring premix for food fortification programs including high premix costs and lack of a system to ensure the product's quality.

To address these barriers, GAIN has established the GAIN premix facility. The initiative consists of four components:

  • A certification process which establishes industry-wide standards and quality guidelines for premix.
  • A procurement facility that makes premix more easily accessible to countries and the private industry engaged in fortification.
  • Assisted financing that helps projects finance their premix purchases.
  • A grant mechanism that provides premix for fortification of food products used to reach vulnerable groups, including public sector programs and emergencies.

The GAIN premix facility started procuring premix on behalf of its customers in July 2009.  To learn more about the GAIN premix facility, or to find out about becoming a customer or supplier, please visit the GAIN premix facility website.

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