Enabling 27 Million Kenyans to Consume More Nutritious Foods

9 Oct 2012 ()

On 9 October 2012, the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) launched a five-year partnership with local industry that will reach approximately 27 million Kenyans with nutritionally fortified wheat flour, vegetable oil and maize meal.

The effort, which supports Kenya’s 2030 Vision for development, will reduce widespread prevalence of vitamin and mineral deficiencies including among vulnerable groups such as children and mothers particularly among vulnerable groups such as children and mothers.
Large-scale vegetable oil producers and wheat flour and maize meal millers producing in Kenya are expected to commit to fortifying their food products with key vitamins and minerals. Support for equipment and nutrient blends will be provided to industry along with training in quality assurance.

“The government’s passing of mandatory food fortification legislation is a major breakthrough,” said Marc Van Ameringen, Executive Director of GAIN. “The legislation is a milestone that shows the political commitment of Kenya to improving the nutrition of its people through daily access to nutritious foods,” he added.

GAIN is providing financial support and technical expertise to produce the fortified foods, monitor their quality, create demand and develop technical guidelines for fortification.

Watch the public communication campaign asking Kenyans to look out for the food fortification logo symbolizing good health in the staple foods (maize meal, wheat flour, edible oils) they buy. The campaign will go on the road to educate communities across the country, particularly groups vulnerable to malnutrition like women and children, about the importance of good nutrition for their well-being. It will also be aired through national radio, television and print channels.

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