Marc Van Ameringen appears on World Radio Switzerland.

3 February 2014

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Marc Van Ameringen, GAIN's Executive Director, talks about receiving WFP's Hunger Hero Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the issue of malnutrition, and solutions to address the problem. 

He tells Tony Johnston, World Radio’s Drivetime host: “The Hunger Hero Award is really recognition for the important work I’ve done, what GAIN has done, and what our partners have done to really move the agenda forwards on dealing with hunger and malnutrition.”

He adds: “Malnutrition is preventable and avoidable. One of the frustrating things is that we have the money in the world, we have the technology and we have the capacity to deliver programs.

“But we’ve just not been able to move some of the systems that are needed in order to work together…

“…What we do have is momentum that’s been building over the last few years. Since the food crisis in 2008 and 2009 we’ve seen a steady increase and interest around dealing with nutrition…. Plus people are much more aware of the challenges of malnutrition…” 


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