GAIN’s Approach to Fighting Malnutrition

GAIN works in a unique way:

  1. Building partnerships that deliver results

    • GAIN itself is an alliance of governments, international organizations, the private sector and civil society.
    • The projects we fund and advise are always implemented in partnership with government, business and civil society organizations to ensure that public health objectives are reached.
    • We create national and regional Business Alliances of leading companies, which are exploring ways to bring high quality, affordable fortified foods to those most in need, including the “base of the pyramid”: the poorest groups.
    • GAIN has entered into direct partnerships with a select number of companies and organizations, which follow the same project management process as grant-funded activities, to implement concrete projects with clear and measurable objectives.
  2. Enabling innovation

    • GAIN grants are awarded through a competitive process to select the best proposals.
    • GAIN funds and works on specific projects to address particular issues or priorities that are common to a group of countries.
    • We provide technical assistance on the design, implementation and evaluation of nutrition programs in general and food fortification in particular to ensure that all projects are as effective as possible.
    • We dedicate time and resources to documenting what we learn in the process, especially with regards to new business models that can be replicated elsewhere.
    • GAIN has a comprehensive Policy and Advocacy Program in support of its mission and projects.
  3. Improving nutrition

    • All GAIN projects are subject to performance measurement and monitoring to ensure that they are efficient and cost-effective and are progressing towards agreed targets.
    • Our goals are clear and measurable, and are focused on making a real improvement in the nutrition of 1.5 billion people.
    • We pay particular attention to vulnerable groups such as infants, young children, mothers and women.
    • The projects we support or engage in regularly report on progress and are subject to scientific study or external evaluation to monitor progress and assess the impact they have on the nutrition of their target groups.
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